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Recipes that follow the Whole30 clean eating plans with approved ingredients like meats, seafood, vegetables, and egg.

Whole30 excludes ingredients/foods like sweeteners, alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes, and any processed foods or beverages.

"O Pato" Couve Mineira (Brazilian Collard Greens)

As I continue to make dishes rooted in South American cuisine, this Brazilian Collard Greens dish is one of my favorite. It's simple, quick, but has crazy amounts of flavor. Brazilians cut their greens into thin strips kinda like shredded paper. This allows for a very quick cook, ??? (15 minutes) sauted in an oil infused by smoked ham hocks, lots of garlic, and onions.

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"Come Inside" Vegan Braised Cauliflower {Recipe & Video}

Cauliflower can be pretty boring, so I scoured the internet for a variety of quality vegan cauliflower recipes. There were some decent ones, but I figured I could do better. I decided to give whole cauliflower head the meat treatment and go all out with a rich, flavorful braising liquid as if I were cooking …

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"Daylight" Smoked Chicken and Okra Soup

As I continue to delve deep into okra this month, I thought I'd introduce my first okra soup. The soup borrows its flavor from smoked chicken, which I bought from one of my favorite local bbq spot. I'm all about saving time when I can and left-over smoked chicken works well. This recipe calls for a pressure cooker/Instant Pot, but easily converts to regular stovetop prepared soup.

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