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A roundup of different soul food okra recipes from across the globe, but especially Southern U.S. These are mostly side dish recipes, but also include a few main dish recipes where okra is a key ingredient like gumbos, soups, stews, and in some cases salads.

"Free" Okra Gumbo with Shrimp Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious and flavorful dish to wow your friends? If so, then this soul food okra gumbo with shrimp is a must-try! This traditional Southern comfort food favorite features succulent okra cooked in a delicious homemade shrimp stock plus flavorful smoked ham. The perfect blend of herbs and spices leave your …

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"Baby I'm Scared of You" Instant Pot White Beans with Ham Hocks Recipe

Christmas always brings in new toys, and I'm happy to have this Instapot to break in and make you the beneficiary. So let's just say this will be the gift that keeps on giving. Seeing I'm late to the Instapot craze, I'm in catch-up mode and hope to be as prolific as Quincy Jones once I get the hang of it. For my first foray into things, I decided to convert an older traditional stove-top recipe for white bean stew. Plus, I had leftover ham hocks I was trying to get rid of from the pork nachos recipe for tonight's bowl games. Feel free to use this recipe to make black-eyed peas for New Year's as the peas are easily substitutable for white beans in this recipe.

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Everything Okra: Origin, Health Benefits, Recipes

Welcome to my kitchen, where soul food recipes collide with fresh veggies from the garden! This week I'm focusing on one of my favorite vegetables-- okra. It's long been hailed as a Southern soul food staple, but it has surprising health benefits that can benefit everyone. Consuming okra in big amounts is a must!!! From …

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"Afraid" crispy roasted okra

Crispy roasted okra is one of my new favorite veggies. Its a no-fuss, delicious side that is ready in less than 30 minutes. Down here in Texas we're lucky to still be able to get fresh okra locally. If you're fortunate enough as well this is a great side you can add that will free you up to focus on other dishes. Many people fear okra because of the slime. Don't fear the slime, as a matter of fact, follow the great Nelson Mandela's words and don't fear anything - "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." I recently discovered the musician Mimi. She is an incredibly inspiring and brave artist. Check out her song "Afraid" as an example of her talent and testimony.

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"Daylight" Smoked Chicken and Okra Soup

As I continue to delve deep into okra this month, I thought I'd introduce my first okra soup. The soup borrows its flavor from smoked chicken, which I bought from one of my favorite local bbq spot. I'm all about saving time when I can and left-over smoked chicken works well. This recipe calls for a pressure cooker/Instant Pot, but easily converts to regular stovetop prepared soup.

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"Common Man" Purple Hull Peas and Okra

These Southern purple hull peas are the business! They are tasty, comforting, and an eating experience all in one making them that side dish you want on the Sunday dinner table. This dish falls somewhere between a stew and gumbo. The presence of fresh okra, provides that thickness and consistency the ancestors would be proud of. The …

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