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Musically Inspired Modern Twists On Soul Food

Food Fidelity aka "Beats and Eats" is a weeknight-focused food and music blog where I share quick & easy, modern takes on what soul food is and can be for busy home cooks. I believe good music makes food taste better so every recipe is inspired and paired with a dope song.

These are the tried and true soul food recipes from around the world our readers love and make daily. Recipes run the gamut from traditional Southern American dishes to more ethnic ones focused on black people in the Caribbean, Africa, and South America. Most are quick and easy modern remixes to make them more weeknight-dinner-friendly.

Latest and Greatest Posts

This is the place for more seasonal soul food recipes designed to get food on the table relatively quickly during busy weeknights.

Holiday Recipes

Classic recipes that are frequently on black people's holiday dinner menus.

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BBQ Recipes

Simple and inventive Southern BBQ recipes for barbecuing anything from meat to fruit and vegetables. In the South, though not as universally recognized, black people have made strong impactful contributions to the world of bbq. BBQ has always been an underrated and under-recognized part of the soul food repertoire.

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About Marwin

Husband, Dad, World Traveler, Music Maven

I make global recipes paired with electic music. Recipes are flavor forward with an emphasis on instructions for cooking efficiently and maximizing flavor.

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Globally Inspired Dishes

Farm-fresh recipes representing flavors across the African Diaspora including Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. These are basically black food recipes that represent soul food cuisine (classics and twists on classics) across the diaspora.

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Classic Soul Food

These are the quintessential iconic recipes that most think of when it comes to soul food from Southern collard greens to fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

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Modern Soul Food

Modern remixes of classic soul food staples that leverage new ingredients, techniques, and flavor combinations. Most importantly most of these recipes convert super involved classic recipes into interesting convenient weeknight dinner options.

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Jamaican Jerk Recipes

I'm not Jamaican, but I jerk a lot - everything from spice rubs and marinades to chicken, seafood, and vegetables. Jerk is Jamaican soul food!

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Soul Food Guides

Resource for key tips for enhancing your cooking. Includes information about key ingredients, cooking techniques, and food pairings essential to soul food cooking across the globe.

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