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"A Song For You" Black-eyed Peas Curry

Are you looking for a new culinary experience that is both exciting and comforting? If so, then you should try black-eyed pea curry recipe! This recipe brings together the spiciness of curry with the richness of beans to create an intriguing new flavor. This isn't your grandmother's black-eyed pea recipe. This is a soul food …

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"Love of My Life" Greens Gumbo Z'Herbes

It's about that time of year for soul-warming comfort foods, and one of the iconic dishes to come out of Louisiana is gumbo z'herbes. This classic soup has its roots deeply enmeshed in Creole history, traditionally made in celebration of Lenten observances such as Easter. It’s often referred to as “green” Gumbo because it incorporates …

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"BMO" Smoked Cornish Hen Recipe

I'm not saying this is the best Cornish hen recipe ever, but these smoked cornish hens are basically next level "herb chicken!" These little birds get top-notch treatment; they're dry brined, marinated, smoked and then fried for both internal juiciness and external crispiness. Most recipes for smoke cornish hens involve pieces of the hen, but I prefer to smoke the entire …

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